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Heart and Soul of an Artist

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Heart and Soul of an Artist

The paintbrush is an extension of our thoughts and feelings. As artists, we express ourselves with a flick of a wrist, a sigh and a stroke, a thoughtful movement with our fingers. It is an outlet for emotions, what we feel, how we see, portrayed on a blank white surface.

There are many ways to express what is happening inside of us. However, when true expression and thought comes out as music, art, creative hobbies or even cooking, we create an end result that can be beautiful or possibly quite disastrous. It is important for artists to enjoy the moments we are creating. To trust the process. To allow our thoughts and feelings to flow through our fingertips. We need to embrace who we are that defines our style. Allow the colors to shine as what we perceive. Allow the shadows that haunt us to be present in our paintings. We can release our fear, our happiness, our love and our anger out on to our canvases.

Painting, writing music, creating fantastic things can be healing. It allows us to feel and observe what needs to be healed. Dive into our feelings and swim with our brush, microphone, our tools of creativity. Embrace your creative side and cradle the ability to evolve and grow through art. Enhance what you already know by defining who you are. Allow the freedom of your soul to be unleashed and flow where it is needed.

The rest of us will stand back and appreciate the abstract world of your inner being as you allow yourself to be vulnerable and exposed, available for all of us to enjoy. There are no "bad" artists. We can not judge an artist that is expressing their soul. There are only "new" and "old" and "unique" artists. Let your spirit be your guide into the world of art, walk down the old path traveled by many, picking up pieces of yourself until you arrive at your personal masterpiece. The road will never end, but there will be many masterpieces along the way. Enjoy the journey.